01 Jun

Purchase any SAS Shoes in store and your automatically entered in drawing to win a Pit Master man crate ($120 value) SAS. We’ve got that covered for Father’s Day.


Buy dad a shoe for Father’s Day and possibly a man Crate as well

Buy yourself a shoe and possibly win Dad a Man Crate for Father’s Day!


The Pit Master Crate is the Mr. Miyagi of barbecue gear, your guiding sensei on the road to fall-off-the-bone, ” low & slow ” True Barbecue mastery.

Meat Claws are the supreme tools for lifting and lugging huge roasts.

Keep your eyebrows intact with the collapsible barbecue fork, or go face to the fire with premium leather glovers.

Glaze right over the blaze with the silicone brush, heat-safe to 550 degrees, and top off the cast-iron sauce pan with fine selections from the sauce Boss himself, Mr. Rufus Teagus.

Teague’s Honey Sweet and Touch of Heat flavor bring the bottled best of Kansans City to your cookout, the perfect complement to a base-taste layer of his famed meat rub. Seal the deal with a pro-style smokestack of hickory wood chips.

Open up the pit with the Pit Master Crate, and unlock the secrets of True Barbecue.









Fathers Day man crate giveaway

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