25 Apr

Elisha Zuniga- Love at First Fitting

Elisha, a model, hairstylist and fitness instructor in San Antonio, tried on SAS shoes for the first time as one of our lifestyle models. After putting on her first pair, she fell in love. Now she’s incorporated comfy SAS shoes into her daily routine while keeping her wardrobe stylish. Here’s what she has to say about her experience.

As a fitness instructor and hairstylist I spend the majority of my time on my feet. If it’s not my 5 high-impact cardio classes per week, it’s standing for up to 6 hours at a time on a salon workday. Needless to say my feet and shoes are very important to me. When I realized my feet were going to be a major investment, I set out on a quest for the perfect shoe. 17 years ago the solution at that time was a big clunky black shoe with a 3-inch spring heal. Not pretty at all, just functional and my only option. I’m so happy times have changed and I found SAS handcrafted, stylish and comfortable shoes. In my line of work I want to look nice from head to toe every day. After teaching my class I can slip on my SAS shoes with cuffed slim jeans and a printed shirt. It’s comfy and stylish and now I’m ready to stand for hours. Thank goodness I have found the ultimate shoe stop.

Over time my standards have changed. One thing I don’t compromise is my fashionable wardrobe. My style balances between free-spirited and classy at the same time. I love to mix colors, prints and designers. I’m also known for taking risks and not following the typical fashionista rules. If my closet could speak, it would complain that it has reached maximum capacity and would beg for no more occupants. My closet has such a wide array of fashion. It ranges from very high-end items to irreplaceable pieces that I have collected from all over the world. For me, it doesn’t matter if it comes from an exclusive boutique in New York, or a vendor on the streets of Israel, if it looks and feels good, there has to be a way I can integrate it. I love how SAS fits in with me and my “I love how she put that together” style.

Before falling in love with my Sanibel sandals, I purchased a different brand that were similar in style but very decorated. The arch of the shoe was very hard but the shoes were so trendy I thought I would give them a try. After almost rolling my ankle twice I decided to give the shoes a break for a few days. During that few days, my SAS Sanibels came along. The moment that I tried them on, the only way I can describe it is, they felt like mini pillow top mattresses but for my feet. I wore them with every outfit for weeks. I quickly realized with SAS, you don’t have to trade style for comfort. You can have them both. As for my other sandals: garage sale.

With plenty of time left in the Summer and a birthday just around the corner, my gift to self should be a pampering pedicure, nice little vacation and a new pair of SAS shoes. Sorry closet!

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